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Film review in blogs became a disease now and I am the recent infection. OK. Coming to the point. Its interesting coincidence that I encounter to watch a couple of Tamil entertainer movies ச-ரோ-ஜா (SA-RO-JA) and பொய் சொல்ல போறோம் (POI SOLLA PORAM) in a row. They have a lot of things indulged in commonality (other than I watched them in a row). Both got released at nearly the same time (consecutive week ends). Both belongs to comedy genre (former is a thriller and later is a drama). Both are chronologically, the second movie to the directors (one is Venkat Prabhu's after "Chennai-600028 and the other is Vijay's after "Kireedom"). Both the movies doesn't have any notably big star cast. And finally, both are remakes of some foreign bodies (SA-RO-JA is an unofficial snatch from Stephen Hopkins' English movie Judgment Night [1993] and POI SOLLA PORAM is the official one based on Dibakar Banerjee's Hindi movie Khosla Ka Ghosla [2006]). All these things, ult

SARKAR பதில்கள் - 4

Q:- எத்தனை முறை காதலிக்கலாம்? A:- எத்தனை முறை வேண்டுமானாலும். Q:- பெண்களுக்கு எது அழகு? A:- எது அழகு என தேட வைப்பது. Q:- காதலில் அப்படி என்ன தான் இருக்கிறது? A:- நீங்கள் காதலித்திருக்கிறீர்களா? Q:- மனித உடலின் ஆச்சரியமான உறுப்பு? A:- மூளை. மற்றொன்று விவகாரமானது. Q:- பெண்களுக்கு சொல்ல விரும்புவது? A:- எனக்கு திருமணமாகி விட்டது.

SARKAR பதில்கள் - 3

Q:- எதை இலக்கியம் என்கிறார்கள்? A:- புரியாமல் புரிவதை. புரிகிறதா? Q:- இசையில் KING ராஜாவா ரஹ்மானா? A:- கேள்வியிலேயே பதில் இருக்கிறது. Q:- பொருளா தாரம்? A:- தாரம் தான் பொருள். Q:- ஆண் - ‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍பெண் காதல்? A:- ஹி..ஹி..ஹி.. Q:- ஆண் ‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍- பெண் நட்பு? A:- ஹா..ஹா..ஹா..

SARKAR பதில்கள் - 2

Q:- முயற்சி திருவினையாக்குமா? A:- முயற்றின்மை இன்மை புகுத்தி விடும். Q:- பெண்ணில்லாத உலகம் எப்படி இருக்கும்? A:- பெண்ணில்லாத உலகம் எப்படி இருக்கும்? Q:- காதல் புனிதமானதா? A:- இல்லை. புதிரானது. Q:- பெண்களின் கூந்தலுக்கு இயற்கையாக மணம் உண்டா? A:- நெற்றிக்கண் திறப்பினும் குற்றம் குற்றமே. Q:- காதலின் போது காமம் சரியா? A:- உடல் மேல் உயிர் வந்து ஒன்றுவது இயல்பே.

SARKAR பதில்கள் - 1

Q:- எல்லா கேள்விகளுக்கும் பதில் உண்டா? A:- உண்டு. தெரியாது என்பதும் ஒரு பதில் தான். Q:- மிக வசதியான விடை வடிவம் எது? A:- வினா எதிர் வினாதல் விடையா? Q:- கடவுள் இருக்கிறாரா? A:- இப்போதைக்கு இல்லை. Q:- கெட்ட வார்த்தைகள் தெரியுமா? A:- ஒன்றிரண்டு தெரியாது. Q:- போலி அவையடக்கத்துக்கு உதாரணம்? A:- இதற்கு முந்தைய கேள்விக்கான பதில்.


- Fucking everybody ensures next generation's fraternity. - Self-Confidence is ultimately perfumated superstition. - Bonded labour clause is hidden in marriage agreement. - Scandal is the universal trademark of any democracy. - Fool-proofs with mistake turned to be Fool's proof. - Urinals is one of the practical limitations of sex.


This post will make you think. Some of you might remember one of the very famous (?!) SarKar's Questions - " What is the purpose of having a zip fastener in ladies jeans pants? " Last week-end, my friend found out an answer to this, in the dark corners of an A/C multiplex, when he is watching a boring film with his so-called girl friend. Thinking?


The two-member commission headed by retired supreme court justice G.T.Nanavati (who dealt with 1984 Anti-Sikh riots), investigating the 2002 Godhra train carnage and the subsequent Gujarat riots, submitted the first part (168-pages) of its report, this week, to the state government (of course, in the red-lotus hands of Chief Minister Narendra Modi). To the (selective) Amnesia people : 58 Karsevaks from Ayodhya, including 25 women and 15 children, were burnt alive inside S-6 coach of Sabarmati Express in Godhra on 27-February-2002, when a violent mob set ablaze. The incident led to the flaring up of Hindu - Muslim communal violence throughout Gujarat, claiming more than 1,000 lives of minorities (which Modi narrated as Newton's third law). After examining more than 1,000 witnesses in the span of six years, the commission says " There is absolutely no no evidence to show that either the Chief Minister or any of the ministers in his council or police officers had played any role


One early morning, a mother went to her sleeping son and woke him up. MOM : "Wake up, son. It's time to go to school." SON : "But why, Mom? I don't want to go to school." MOM : "Give me two reasons why you don't want to go to school." SON : "One, all the children hate me. Two, all the teachers hate me." MOM : "Oh! that's not a reason. Come on, you have to go to school." SON : "Give me two good reasons why I *should* go to school?" - - - MOM : --:: One ::-- You are 52 years old and should understand your responsibilities. --:: Two ::-- You are the PRINCIPAL of the school.


Innocence is directly proportional to her pretension. Ignorance is inversely proportional to her pretension.


Everything is relative as Einstein explains. Everybody is relative as Darwin explains.




Everybody must have noticed the ' I'm Feeling Lucky ' button adjacent to the 'Google Search' button in the Google Web search home page (Also, at least, few of you might have noticed a link with the same name in my blog page, the clicking on which takes the user to some RANDOM POST in the blog).  A blog claims that the IFL button is named after Clint Eastwood's line in the movie 'Dirty Harry' - " Do you feel lucky, punk? Well, do you? ". That doesn't matter. The idea is if a user is "feeling lucky", the search engine will return the perfect match the first time without having to go through the search results. Usually, when any key phrase is typed in the search field and "Google Serach" button is clicked (or enter key is pressed), Google returns a results page that shows multiple Web sites matching the search phrase. This is a very much common behaviour that every web user encounters at least once a day. IFL button is a co


 - Every philosophy has an exception, including this one.  - Will is never good - Even Goodwill is not an exception.  - Being normal is the atmost abnormality found in mankind.  - Everybody else behaves like a doctor, if you are a patient.  - "Stopping Lies" is the last possible lie, anyone can utter.  - "Objects Are Closer Than They Appear" - In mirror and heart.


 - Unfixed defects are new features in software and love.  - Missed call is the costliest speding in any women's love.   - The advantage of slim girls is they have a reason why it is.  - The human history of Reservation starts with beautiful girls.  - God would not be a female, at least he needs to use his brain.  - Every female has a built-in reusable universal common currency.




"How was the Universe, a billionth of a second after the Big Bang?" Often, we heard / used the phrase " Billion $ Question " to hype the significance of something. But there exists a question in reality that is even costlier than this phrase. A 5 Billion $ Question - the one which you read at the top of this post. Wondering? Let us go some what deeper into physics (nearly 175 m). To get an answer to this question, the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN - a french acronym) is doing an experiment - smashing protons moving at 99.999999% of the speed of light into each other inside the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) built in a circular tunnel of 27 km circumference (called LHC Ring) buried underground (at 50 to 175 m depth) in the Swiss - French borders on the outskirts of Geneva. Today (10 September 2008) they circulated the first beam of proton into the LHC ring at 08:32 AM GMT and the control room at the CERN laboratory erupted into cheers at 09:25 AM GM


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Maniratnam - Ilayaraaja Barathiraaja - Ilayaraaja Maniratnam - A.R.Rahman Kamal Haasan - Ilayaraaja K.Balachandar - Ilayaraaja Shankar - A.R.Rahman Balu Mahendra - Ilayaraaja S.P. Muthuraman - Ilayaraaja Mahendran - Ilayaraaja Selvaraghavan - Yuvan Shankar Raja Singitham Srinivasa Rao - Ilayaraaja Gautham - Harris Jeyaraj Ameer - Yuvan Shankar Raja Charan - Barathwaj Bala - Ilayaraaja


Vairamuthu - A.R.Rahman Kannadasan - M.S.Viswanathan Vaali - Ilayaraaja Na.Muthukumar - Yuvan Shankar Raja Thamarai - Harris Jeyaraj


Google Chrome is a free and open source web browser developed by Google Inc. and launched just a few days ahead of the company's tenth birthday (Yesterday Google celebrated it). On a prosaic level, Google Chrome is a classically minimalist Google product – a fast, stripped-down alternative to Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Microsoft Internet Explorer. Its beta version for Microsoft Windows was released in 43 languages on 2 September 2008, one day ahead of the scheduled release due to a "comic" tale. A German blogger who received the 38-page Google Chrome Comic (words by the Google Chrome team, comics adaptation by Scott McCloud which explains its features) shipped by Google, made its scanned copy available on his website, one day earlier to the release date. As an SQA Engineer, the following features attracted me at first instance:  Clean and wide area UI (eliminated the traditional menus). Faster web page loads compared to IE and Firefox. Tabs are sandboxed (Crash of

எந்திரன், the ROBOT

Finally, the cat is out of the bag. Director Shankar's dream project (I will not use the term - 'magnum opus' as all his movies belong to that adjective) " எந்திரன், the ROBOT " budgeted Rs.100+ crores, the shooting of which is started today. After a lot of combinations like Kamal Haasan, Aamir Khan and Sharukh Khan, it got settled with the Kollywood Badshah. It is set to contest with Kamal Haasan's next film, Marmayogi. The following are the cast & crew unveiled as of now: Cast : Superstar Rajinikanth, Aishwarya Rai Bachan Direction : S.Shankar Production : Ayngaran International Films Pvt Ltd., and Eros International Producers : K. Karunamurthi / C. Arunpandian Executive Producer : K. Vijayakumar Music : A. R. Rahman Cinematography : R. Ratnavelu Art : Sabu Cyril Editing : Antony Lyrics : Vairamuthu, Pa. Vijay Dialogues : Sujatha, Balakumaran Choreography : Raju Sundaram Costume Design : Manish Malhotra Scientific Outfit Designer : Mary E Vog


Sarah Carmen , female, age 24, an ordinary citizen of The United Kingdom is a beautician working in salons. How she is different then to the level of writing a blog post? Of course, she is peculiar - suffering from persistent sexual arousal syndrome (PSAS). There were times when she is having about 200 orgasms in a solar day. Incredible! Wikipedia says PSAS is " a spontaneous and persistent genital arousal, with or without orgasm or genital engorgement, unrelated to any feelings of sexual desire ". Such a physical arousal is very intense and persist for extended periods - hours, days or even weeks. Orgasm can sometimes provide temporary relief, but within hours the symptoms return. Sarah was prescribed with anti-depressants at the age of 19 and she believes her condition was brought on by those pills. The rumble of a train on the tracks, the purr of a hairdryer, the rhythmic drone of a photo-copier, the ride in an automobile, the vibrations from mobile phones and even going t


Animation movies, usually - intended at children - have a lot of fun packed with a centre thought - just like an ice cream cherry. But WALL-E , a 97 minute animation movie from Walt Disney Pictures (in association with Pixar Animation Studios) is different. It alarms and frightens the current world to have a right concern on our everyday dusty habits. The story starts by the year 2805. WALL-E (abbreviation of Waste Allocation Load Lifter - Earth), our hero, is a hard-working mobile trash compactor robot and the last unit in operation among those created in 22nd century by the Buy n Large Corporation (the corporate responsible for all the economic activities on Earth, including the government). The screenplay slowly reveals the story how such a scenario is reached and where the human beings are residing now. The generations of 2805 are living in AXIOM (a space station floating beyond galaxies with fully-automated robot crew) that supports every need of humans who are too obese to even s


Balu Mahendra, the veteran Tamil film cinematographer-cum-director, tonight in "Koffee with Anu" program in Star Vijay TV told "Gandhiji's adoption of AHIMSA against British imperialism is in fact, the ultimate violence strategy - the intellectual war". When thinking about his statement, it seems actually right. In fact, this is the method adopted by women for prolonged centuries inside family to get their things done. Its Gandhiji who extended it to politics. The success series continued till Nelson Mandela. Its one of the suggestive topics for Sociology students to do a Ph.D.


- The worst part of philosophy or pregnancy is seeking explanation for it. - People have 2 choices - enjoying the life either in earth or in heaven. - Fools are those who are innately immune to the contagious intelligence. - Nudity is the cheapest way of publicity that you really need "nothing" to do it. - Love is the first ever synthetic bioweaponry in the history of mankind. - Irrespective of sex, "week-ends" left people with "weak-ends" : ends vary.


Cuil (to be pronounced as "cool") is "yet another" search engine which came into www on July 28 of this year. Cuil is Irish for knowledge. The key feature of this SE is that it displays search results relatively long entries along with thumbnail pictures of those webpages. It is developed and managed largely by former employees of Google with investments from Madrone Capital Partners, Greylock Partners and Tugboat Ventures. Unlike other search engines, it does not store users’ search activity - names, IP addresses or cookies (privacy policy). In the backend, the Cuil claims that it had the world's largest search engine index - 121,617,892,992 web pages (as of today). They say that Cuil searches more pages on the Web than anyone else—three times as many as Google and ten times as many as Microsoft. Cuil searches for and ranks pages based on their content and relevance - " When we find a page with your keywords, we stay on that page and analyze the rest of i


A couple is watching movie in a multiplex. An ant went into her pants. What did the ant bite? You dirty mind! Its his fingers. A couple is watching movie in a multiplex. An ant went into his pants. What did the ant bite? You dirty mind! Its her tonsils.

வழிகாட்டும் ஒளி

தாம் தூம் ( DHAAM DHOOM ) is the last movie cinematographed, scripted and directed by Jeeva before his death. In fact, he died during the final schedule of its film shoot in Russia last year after suffering acute cardiac arrest at the age of 44. The movie starts with an ode "தொடர்கிறது உன் பயணம் வழி காட்டும் ஒளியாய்..." in remembrance of the great cinematographer. It seems that after his demise, its his wife Anees (who is also the costume designer of the film - its a long standing culture in Tamil industry that film director's wife being the costume designer for the movie starting from Kamal Haasan to the recent Vishnuvardhan) and his Guru PC Sreeram took efforts to complete the movie. The producer should be thanked. Its quite natural that any creator will receive an instant overwhelming on his works immediately after his death and Jeeva is not an exception. Every audience (who comes to watch the film for Jeeva) wants to segregate the movie into JEEVAic and NON-JEEVAic