- Unfixed defects are new features in software and love.

 - Missed call is the costliest speding in any women's love. 

 - The advantage of slim girls is they have a reason why it is.

 - The human history of Reservation starts with beautiful girls.

 - God would not be a female, at least he needs to use his brain.

 - Every female has a built-in reusable universal common currency.


Anonymous said…
Every female has a built-in reusable universal common currency
wat does it exactly mean. Does it mean she can use her * to make money. If so, check out the male prosts rate in chennai. So Every male has it too.
Dear Miss/Mrs.Chennai (a) Ananymous,

I am NOT sure how come you know about the male prostitutes of Chennai.
ANy way, let me prove once again, that I am NOT a male chauvnist by begging your padorn, on behalf of SARKAR, if his philosophy hurts you.

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