Taslima, Meena, Leena & I

Here's a funny serious chat happened between Taslima Nasreen (a Bangladeshi writer, feminist, humanist & activist), Meena Kandasamy (an English poet, writer, translator & activist), Leena Manimekalai (a Tamil film maker, poet & actor) and I in Twitter TL, today.


[Taslima Nasreen - @taslimanasreen]
[Meena Kandasamy - @meenakandasamy]
[Leena Manimekalai - @karuvachy]
[Saravanakarthikeyan C - @writercsk]

taslimanasreen : I am looking for someone thirty plus who is not a mamas boy or a wife's pet or who can tie his shoelaces by himself.

writercsk : @taslimanasreen for?

taslimanasreen : Just to have a friendly talk. RT @writercsk for?

writercsk : @taslimanasreen unfortunately, am still in my late 20s.. let's wait for 3 more years.. :-)

meenakandasamy : @writercsk for your sake @taslimanasreen ma'am might reduce the age-bar!

taslimanasreen : @meenakandasamy Just wanted to see whether independent men exist. Or they always need women to work for them. @writercsk

writercsk : @taslimanasreen they do exist.. avoiding 'I' or 'we' here carefully.. the best part is atleast i want to be the one.. @meenakandasamy

karuvachy : @writercsk @taslimanasreen I am looking for someone twenty+ who is not a mamas boy or a wife's pet or who can tie his shoelaces by himself

writercsk : @karuvachy pls follow the queue.. @taslimanasreen

karuvachy : @writercsk @taslimanasreen Queues? Interested only in the carnivals and not the bureaucracy!

writercsk : @karuvachy queueing is not really bureaucracy; but a middle-class flavour of democracy! @taslimanasreen

karuvachy : @writercsk @taslimanasreen, But man! queuing to have a conversation is not capable of catching my imagination. horrendous. lolz. :)

writercsk : @karuvachy need to balance or bridge between the horizon of imagination and factual limitations.. @taslimanasreen

karuvachy : @writercsk @taslimanasreen,What if am interested in everyone in the queue, then it is a carnival. And I like it!

writercsk : @karuvachy that looks filthy yet better.. @taslimanasreen

karuvachy : @writercsk @taslimanasreen, Filthy? lose the queue! Hello....! DJ !! Change the tune please!

writercsk : @karuvachy why this kolaveri, di? (tune changed by DJ) @taslimanasreen

karuvachy : @writercsk @taslimanasreen Pappappaan! Pappappaan! Ok da! Router replaced! :)

writercsk : @karuvachy god bless'u! :-) @taslimanasreen



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