ட்விட்டரில் கடந்த வாரம் மிகப் பிரபலமாய் இருந்த விஷயம் #ihatewhengirlssay - அதாவது "பெண்கள் எதைச் சொல்லும் போது வெறுக்கிறீர்கள்?". கண்ணில் பட்ட சில சுவாரசியமான ட்வீட்கள்:
  1. "I can't cook!!"
  2. Internet language in real life.
  3. That they are fat when they are anorexic :/
  4. That Pokemon is uncool!
  5. That Michael Jackson was their man.
  6. "I've got a boyfriend"
  7. "I don't give oral"
  8. "Aww that's so sweet" or words to that effect.
  9. "Like" after every word.
  10. "I'm not pretty!"
  11. "I'm a bad bitch"
  12. "I'm not that type of girl"
  13. "I love u as just a friend"
  14. "I'm pregnant"
  15. That they're "not looking for anything serious right now"
  16. "I just want a boyfriend like my daddy"
  17. "Why don't you come around and meet my parents" - that's nearly commitment.
  18. "There are no good dudes out here!"
  19. "No"
  20. Anything.


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