- Necessity is the mother of inventions; God, the surrogate.

- It's her age which determines the center of his infatuation.

- Feminism is all about riding on any masculine item like man.

- Unfortunately, GOD created all theists as irreversible fools.

- The phrase "Love you" is a rhetoric tautology; "Me too" too.

- It's the weaker section who rules the world through the rules.


Ramesh said…
A thought -- Love curve often takes downward parabolic form.. Shouldn't it be a straight line with positive slope?
Ramesh said…
Sir! I have written a poem. Go through and let me know if you like it..
"Nee vaasikkum
azhagu kurippu puthagam,
unnai paarthu
kurippu eduthu kolhirathu!!!"

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