Due to both personal and official commitments, I missed to write reviews for some of the Hindi films which I have watched in the recent past (?!). Here are the patch-works.


Madhur Bhandarkar's Fashion is a realistic movie which narrates about the grey areas in the world of Fashion and alternatively justifies the emergence of confidence sprouting in the teen girls' in Indian metros. Its just a caution symbol to this glamorous world, told via the life of Meghna Mathur in a fashionable way.

The three noted things in the film are screenplay (Madhur Bhandarkar), cinematography (Mahesh Limaye) and stunning performance by Prianka Chopra. Kangana Ranaut and Mugdha Godse also did a good job. I am rating this as the second best film (next only to "A Wednesday") which I have seen last year. Well done Madhur Bhandarkar!

Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi:

The specialty about Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi is that it is NOT an yet another SRK movie. In fact, the movie features Anushka Sharma as equivalently as Sharuk. The screenplay is an above average kind of thing and its Sharuk (acted in two different characters) and Anushka who make the movie to glitter throughout.

The scene where Raj proposes Taani (using Punjab Power) and the climax are very much impressive. The caption is perfectly justified by this movie. This "love story is extra-ordinary" and Sharuk played the role of the "ordinary man" well. The film is worth watchable for all those who love SRK or at least, romance.


Though I have already watched the Surya's Tamil Ghajini original (Is it original?), the Aamir's Hindi version looked fresh to me. There are 3 main reasons: A.R.Murugadoss who rewrote the screenplay more interestingly, Ravi.K.Chandran who did a better piece of camera work than the original one and A.R.R. who spoiled the music compared to the one done by Harris Jeyaraj.

The performances of Surya and Aamir should be definitely compared - the charismatic Sanjay role is done well by Surya and the memory loss patient role is done in a better way by Aamir. Overall, Surya overrides Aamir by a negligible difference. Asin made a betterment. It's a good entertainer which reminded the typical tit-for-tat formula again to Bollywood.


Delhi-6 is a love story of a good-hearted U.S. return with a "Indian Idol" dreaming lower middle class old Delhi girl. The screen playwright used the recent "monkey-man" rumor and a stage play of Ramayan to move the core story. There are at least 4 sub-plots running with the main thread which narrate the people of Chandni Chowk.

Technically speaking, the cinematography of Binod Pradhan is the hero of the movie. Masakalli, Genda Phool and Dilli 6 songs by A.R.R. are very good but he missed in the BGM. Abishek did a better job (as usual). Sonam Kapoor looks awesome (particularly when she dances with a pigeon in her head) such that guys will ask their parents to see a bride like Bittu. See it once.


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