(Note: All the questions are fired by Ravi Bushan, Tuticorin)

Q:- wat is the use of reading novels (crime, love all kind)? all novels r just time passing only know...

A:- Before answering this, here is another set of questions: 1.What is the use of eating sweets? 2.What is the use of listening music? 3.What is the use of watching movie? If you have an answer to these questions, the same is the answer for your question too.

Sweets, Music and Movies are the the fashionable, entertaining and enjoyable version of plain food, plain audio and plain video respectively. So is the novels for the plain history. To me, every literary work is reflection of the corresponding period.

Novel is a trend or strategy evolved to make the reader to concentrate continuously in reading the content - just like a sweetener added with bitter medicine. Over a period, the strategy becomes the major concern for literature rather than its content.

To be clear, novel is an entertaining literature which gives the pleasure of reading through its style and technique; the same novel will become a classic literature if and only if its contents are justifiable enough on portraying something in reality.

For example, Sujatha's novels are entertaining literature while that of Sundara Ramasamy are classic literature. I suggest you to read the book "Naveena Tamil Ilakkiyam - Oor Arimugam" by Jeyamohan (Uyirmai Pathippakam) to get more idea on novels.

Q:- y u persons not trying to write science and technologies in a easy way , so tat persons like me can understand know ?

A:- I don't understand the usage of "u persons". If your concern is bloggers or writers as a whole, I cannot answer on behalf of all. But, in general, science is not considered as an attractive stuff - they don't want yawns interrupting the reader's experience.

To them, reaching maximum readers is the target - hit rate or book sale. Also writing science interestingly and catchy for the audience is a big challenge. Very few did it successfully. Tamil writer Sujatha is one among them (hope you know that already).

If you ask this question specifically to me, Sorry! I cannot be included in that "u persons" list as I tried simplifying the science and technology in many of my previous posts - LHC, Chandrayaan and WRS are some examples. Have a peep at them, once.

Also, remember the quote "Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler". FYI - It is said by the greatest scientist of the millennium, Mr.Albert Einstein.

Q:- wat is procedure to reduce c ing televison.?

A:- Television is no more an idiot box now a days. It gives a lot of interesting yet useful things. The programmes ranges from National Geographic to Makkal Tholaikaatchi. Its upto us to choose from this available wide variety - either good or bad.

Anything beyond limit is an addiction. It was serials before and dance programs now wrt TV. Hence its everyone's self responsibility to understand the wastage of time and hence coming out of it. I think the following ways may help you to some extent.
  1. Fix a time slot for watching TV based on your work time and family affairs (Ex: 8PM to 10PM or 7AM to 9AM etc). Important thing is it should not be violated.
  2. Choose the programs from different channels to watch in that timeslot (It can be anything - either informative or entertaining; but should not be addictive).
  3. Try alternate passtimes like reading books, surfing net, listening music, watching movies or even writing blogs (Includes roaming cheaply and shopping costly).
  4. Spend time with family, friends and relatives by simply talking, going for an outing, playing games and sports or a casual evening get togethers and parties.
  5. If you are a single, start loving a girl (Then you wont get time for anything else - not even for basics like eating and bathing; side effects are mobile bills).
  6. Unluckily, if none of the above methodology works, there is another simple yet promising solution. Sell your Television to somebody, who is in deadly need.
Beyond all these, self-control is the key. All the very best, my friend.


Karishma Sjs said…
hey nice tips for reducing the tv habit...

keep it going

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