(Note: All the questions are fired by Jeeva, Bangalore)

Q:- Do you think there is an end to one's jealousy?
A:- Definitely "No". In fact, the passion to grow for either an individual or a group sprouts out from there, in the form of competition, if taken in a positive sense.

Q:- Is it feasible to satisfy a woman's interest on gold?
A:- Its from her genes. Better to make it as a controlled phenomenon rather than trying to quench it completely. Also, its a major driver of economy, particularly in India.

Q:- Is it feasible to satisfy a man's interest on sex?
A:- Infinity is interesting and peculiar than other numbers in mathematics nothing but because of its unaccountability - so as the never ending passion of sex for mankind.

Q:- How important money is to a common man?
A:- There are few basic necessities without which no "common man" can survive. They are money, oxygen, water, food and sex in the descending order of their importance.

Q:- What are all the possible reasons for a man to ride towards multiplying his money?
A:- Hope that you have read the answer of the last question where I listed some basic necessities. With the first you can get the rest. That can be the possible reason.


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