"To a male, any girl is sexy in winter than in summer" - Perception, a Poland journal.

The above statement is the one-line result of a study conducted on 114 men for a prolonged span of more than an year by the researchers at University of Wroclaw. For over 5 seasons they were shown snaps showing faces of women, exposed breasts, women in swimsuits every 3 months and were then asked to rate the photos.

It shows that there is a seasonal variation in the degree of attraction towards female body with peaks in autumn and winter. Though there is no clear explanation for this male behaviour of seasonal pattern variation, a lot of suggestive theories are floating around in European media. A few to smell.

"In summer, men are more often exposed to uncovered women's bodies" - Telegraph

"There are seasonal fluctuations in adulterous behaviour and sexual activity" - Mate Choice

"Fewer female bodies are on display in winter, the rarity makes difference" - Researchers

Anyway, the men rated women as most desirable in winter, followed by autumn and least of all in summer. These ratings were however only for bodies and breasts - the attractiveness of the faces was not rated differently as the seasons changed. The pattern was similar in men of all ages - no matter whether lived in urban or rural areas.

Apart from these there are two other interesting results (which this post is originally intended about) from this survey - 1. "The same seasonal pattern was found true when the men were asked to rate their own partners." 2. "The there was no seasonal variation when the men were asked to rate their own attractiveness."

The first one shows how the surveyed men are successfully able to dodge their wives and the next explains about their self (or over?) confidence. Somebody may "Men are Men, always". Yes. Few Men.


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