VirtuaGirl is a freeware that brings a brand-new dancing stripper, every morning right to your Windows Desktop (if connected to internet with firewalls turned off). The sexy girl(s) will run (to be exact, dance) on Desktop independent of other applications. You can continue doing your work, theoretically undisturbed (?!) in the computer, often clicking Show Desktop icon in the Taskbar (or pressing Windows+D hot keys) to relax.

The current version ( of this software is called VirtuaGirlHD which is supported on Windows 2000/XP/Vista. The software was introduced by French based Totem Entertainment, a team of 20 members ("all dedicated to bring the best girls to your desktop") in 1998. It seems that about 150 million users from 90 countries world wide have downloaded (and having a regular morning darshan) this software till date.

Though this an unlimited free software, the company is charging $9.95 to $14.95 per month if you want a full nudity show of all girls ("Special Offer: You can also buy one Girl's full show individually for as low as $2"). Yes. What is coming as free now only features girls in semi-nudity (means, at least with a hand kerchief). Lord Buddha might not be aware at his times that "NIRVANA" is this much costlier.

As of now, the site provides choice of around 80 models (mostly from Eastern Europe and few from Asia, Middle East, Africa and Latin America) in 388 different themes (You can even choose them by filtering based on their origin, hair colour, costumes, vital statistics etc.). Morgan - Flashy Babe (Czech Republic, 19 years, 5.61 ft, 114 lb, 34-24-36, Skirts, Shaved, Fair) is the first among the current list of girls rated 9.37 out of 10.

The other popular girls are Carmen Gemini - Majestic View, Jewel - Just Married, Zafira - The Dungeon, Julya - Siren Song, Monica Sweet - Big Heart, Viki - French Riviera, Nella - Skimmed Milk, Vicky S - Strip Club, Nesty - Ice Tea, Sandra H - Hot Stewardess, Nikky Case - Sailor Girl, Lucky - Italian Sun, Vicky S - Golden River, Eufrat - Black Widow, Jana H - Ideal PA, Ashley Robbins - Sexy Secretary, Viki - Airline Pilot etc.

The site provides RSS feeds, news, community, forum and blog to assist the needs of VirtuaGirl fan(atic)s. Even 24/7 customer support is provided to promote the girls - I mean the software. In spite of all these merits and having 2 laptops in hand, unfortunately, I didn't install this software in either of them. I cannot install it in my office laptop due to professional ethics and if I install it in my personal laptop, my wife will kill me.

Many antivirus softwares (except McAfee) categorised VirtuaGirl as suspicious (that it is injecting loads of annoying adult pop up ads in the Desktop). Another criticism is that it is querying when you last ran the software, where and how you last started it & whether you have registered it or not and send those information to the site. But the company is claiming that the software "has no adware, no spyware, no virus and certified 100% clean".

It may NOT be a Trojan Horse. But it is definitely a Night Mare.


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