Censorship feeds the dirty mind more than the four-letter word itself.
- Dick Cavett (American TV Talk-show Host).

Sex is a three-letter word which needs few four-letter words to convey its full meaning. We, the citizens of English speaking community of this globe are very much familiar with these "four-letter words" in our daily routine. I started using one of these at the age of 10 without knowing its exact meaning. Current generation kids are even more faster.

The phrase "four-letter words" refers to a set of English words with four letters which are considered vulgar/ indecent - mainly fabricated with excreta, sex and genitalia. These words are not generally used (at least, not frequently or with hesitation) in newsprint or electronic media which attempts to reach a mass public.

The common four-letter words include shit, cock, fuck, cunt, piss, dick, crap, fart, suck & tits. Few more from Wikipedia - twat, turd, spaz, wang, joey, mong, jism, muff, jizz & spic. (If you know any word other than these, welcome; comment it here)

Tamil, of course, the 3000 years old language is abundant in such words (not necessarily of four-letters). One can hear a subset of those for every quarter minute while walking in the roads of any rural areas of Tamil Nadu. But urban Tamilians (that too middle class) stand with Zach Stahlberg - “He knows as many four-letter words as I do and he uses them”.

Though I am weaker (!) in this word power, sometimes, I felt a divine godly touch in hearing and speaking those words. I am stopping it here as this is not a Maledicta journal dedicated to study etymology of blasphemous vocabulary as many nations are mandating the death penalty for "use of derogatory remarks in respect of God".

Love? - “Just another four letter word”.


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