Ringback tone Customization (popularly known as Caller tune selection), in my view, is a sin which I never want to happen to my mobile. I am very much worried about a caller, in urgency or emergency, hearing a popular movie song (unwanted thing, irrelevant to such a situation) ends up with a frustration. Also, I am comfortable with the traditional "Tring-Tring".

Unfortunately, a couple of days back, it happened to mine because of the monkey efforts of my friend (He pressed * button in my mobile, purposefully, while calling to another friend - his caller tune is copied to my phone). But the song which got hooked, though a new one and super-hit, didn't attract me much and hence, I was in an urge to change the song to something else.

I kept approximately 10 constraints for a song to be chosen as my caller tune.
  • The song should be composed by Maestro Ilayaraaja.
  • The song should have lyrics
  • The song should be in Tamil - unadulterated
  • The song should neither be romantic nor be anti-romantic
  • The song should be sung by a male alone
  • The song should be brave and heroic
  • The song should not be very famous
  • The song should not be very old
  • The song should be good and pleasant to hear
  • The song should be loved and admired by me
Currently, I am using a Karnataka Airtel postpaid connection in my mobile phone. Though it is better compared to Vodafone (here, at least) in clear congestion-free connectivity, Vodafone has an edge over Airtel in caller tune selection. The usability of "Hello Tune" search in Airtel via its internet portal is very badly constructed compared to that of Vodafone.

A very few songs passed through the deca-criteria and most of them are unavailable with Airtel (it seems that Airtel has very less choice of songs). Even I thought of unsubscribing from Hello tunes at some point (But my wife advised my to search again). Finally, after a lot of pain involved, I got the one satisfactorily meeting every condition.

Can anybody guess what is the song?


Anonymous said…
is dat "Ram Ram" song 4m HeyRam??
Barath Raj KR said…
I want to remind ur caller tune now..

Kaarthik said…
Is that "Pon maalai pozhudhu.." frrom Nizhalgal??

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