Women express "everything to everybody" while men express "nothing to anybody". There is line of median in between - express "something to somebody" which is difficult for either side to practice. Usually, I never express my feelings at extremes, particularly in trauma (and often, used to get scoldings from my wife for self-suppressions of such kind).

Mark Seery, a psychologist from University of Buffalo (This "Buffalo" is a different one - a city in New York state, U.S.) based on a study, report in the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology that people who chose to suppress their feelings were in a better mental and physical shape than those who chose to share their traumatic experience with others.

Many experts disagree with this premise. But personally, I go with Mark. The report may become significant to understand the success of men over women, if proved.


Unknown said…
I do agree with Mr.Mark


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