When I came to Bangalore, I was very much impressed by the fact that technology is reaching even a layman here at the door-steps. For instance, to get a railway platform ticket, you don't have to stand in the queue (of mile-length) for hours but rather send an SMS - "PFT" to 53939, you will receive a 5 digit code which you have to enter in the Kiosk at the railway station to get the ticket printed.

But (as usual) it never worked for me, sending such an SMS to the above-said number is always a failure delivery (I am using Vodafone - Even the "Happy to help" Pug puppy didn't came for rescue). Several times, I used to stand in railway station to receive my wife with wet hands shivering due to the fear to be get caught red-handed without platform ticket at anytime.

I am not sure whether this is a problem with the Indian railways or the mobile service provider. But I am confident in another thing - "Everything is available at door-steps here but the door is locked, always".


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