As there exists a current success trend of sequel (Lage Raho Munna Bhai, Dhoom-II, Sarkar Raj etc), let me engage myself with this fashion. I never thought I would write a second part (that too within this short span) when I wrote "THE COUNTERFEIT TECHNOLOGY" on last Friday.

It's an incident happened this Sunday which sowed the seeds for this sequel. My wife and myself went to Bangalore city junction to send off her in-laws and mine. As it's too early in the morning (before sunrise in sky and kitchen), I didn't care too much when my wife asked me to buy platform tickets (those who read "THE COUNTERFEIT TECHNOLOGY - I" can understand the reason).

While returning from the junction, we get caught (along with another couple - possibly unmarried) by an official with a charge sheet in hand. He asked us to pay Rs.500 as fine amount showing the previous fine receipts). I just stood unanswered looking at his face. He said "It's not me who intended to collect this but Lalu Prasad Yadav who ordered to collect Rs.250 per head without platform ticket". After few questions and a bit of bargaining, the couple gave Rs.250 and absconded with the receipt.

Now, we stood alone and I asked what will happen if i don't pay. He replied with temper that he will take us to police (which made my wife to pour a frightened look on me). I told that the kiosk was not working (showing my mobile message sent items) and we were in urge to catch the train. It seems that he didn't want to hear any explanations from me.

Finally, it ended up smoothly with a low bribe deal (as usual). We didn't talk to each other till returning home. Silence speaks stronger than words, always.


Anonymous said…
The same had happened to me and i also landed by giving him 50 rs.
but i have away out bye a ticket to the next station like from old delhi to nizzamuddin which is just 3-4 rs. and hence you have a ticket and you go in and out of station without the platform ticket.
though i am still confused regarding the banning of platform ticket. I mean how can anybody do that how can someone who is above 60 go from station gate to overcrowd platform.

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