If you are a girl, read this. Else ask your girl-friend to read this. Unfortunately our people don't have much opportunity to read 'A cup of chicken soup for teen-age soul' series during their adolescence.

A boy in his late adolescence (in a semi-sleepy state) will (obviously) propose a girl. As usual, the girl will reply negatively and start advising him about his age, future, life, career and blah-blah. Few girls have an unarchived history of proposals. The peculiar thing is the story doesn't ends here instead it starts.

The girl (who very-well knows that she will not accept his love forever), never tries to avoid him but encourages him to chat with her day / night in the name of "friendship". Few of my friends found slept in toilets (tat too Indian style) with mobile phones in hand, talking to their so-called girl-friends.

But the boy continues to do all these with a belief (or superstition) that he can convince her at some point of time to make love. Its hard to believe that the girl is completely unaware about what he thinks. Nobody needs to teach girls how to pretend. This lasts till the girl's marriage / appointment of (next) boy-friend.

This is a traditional custom among girls in their teens in India (to be close, in Tamil Nadu). My friend says every girl want herself admired by opposite sex and there emerges these kind of male victims. He adds that the girls will limit their play with self-security as primary constraint. Experience speaks.

If it is so, is it a kind of virtual sexual appetite?


Unknown said…
1.Girls have insecurity about their marriage and money always that makes them to pretend.
2.Dont address "Girls" generally unless and until you have some 100 women(that may be frnd,lover,girl friend,wife,sister or any thing else) in your life.Say a comment after knowing everything about women.
3.All human beings have sex appetite not only girls even men and dogs and all.Atleast women knows to control it that men and animals doesnt know!!
Anonymous said…
=? We know what is friend, girlfriend, lover.... But I am very curious about what are your differences among girl friend, lover, friend ????

=? Guess you have been with some 100 men(boy friend, friend, lover.....father, brother) before, so you found out perfectly that men r unable to control it and women can!!!
Oh goodness!!! she has been also with animals.. wat a world is this..
TechieVinoth said…
Adding to this,

If you go little bit personal while chatting with such gals.

Universal ans's would be
1. "who are you to ask such questions".
2. I am not that kind(?) of gal..

If she meant to be gud then y the hell she is talking with guys again...

According to me,

gal's teenage rule may be: (future use after marriage)
1. Practice making guys to feel/suffer by talking in sweet voice as much as possible before marriage.
2. Empty guys pocket. Overflow handbag.

I feel that today's gal are introvert before marriage... and they are forced to become extrovert after marriage..

lilly said…
On chat , even a girl knows guys are not looking for true love, for many girls after one lesson at the school of hard knock reality (experience speaks) becomes wary of the pitfalls of virtual love.When there were no instant messengers people loved through letters and landlines (so no need to scoff at the idea of internet love). So after one bitter lesson, girls ask themselves why be vulnerable why not just chat just for the heck of it (no Im not talking about cybersex ) . Believe it or not guys, if you are to blame girls for showing such poor track record on committment , it's because you guys (most guys) don't commit.Without committment , how can a girl make herself vulnerable to fall for something which experience tells me is as fake as pamela's assets ( here I'm talking about 'true love' ) .So to come to the matter, boys are not trustworthy. Period. If you love a girl,claim her as yours.You really thought buying soft toys , 40 rs ice cream was enough (although one can't really sneeze at such gestures ).

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