- Love needs heart (optional) but marriage needs money (mandatory).

- Men are half-naked before alcohol and women are full-nude before money.

- Men starve for food; women for money. But the former can survive.

- Universe is to men and Money is to women. They don't know what's beyond that.

- Men is impotent if he fails in either sex or salary. Women is important if she wins salary with sex.

- Men inhale Oxygen everywhere. What women inhale varies from nation to nation. It's called Rupee in India.


Unknown said…
Hai, I'm valli.I enjyd ur postngs bt I don't accept ur sarkar's philosophy abt ladies.please avoid them.
Kaarthik said…
Even I too don't agree with ur opinion about women. U hav mentioned in one of ur posts that ur wife reads befor u post. Does she agree with these opinions also?

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