In Indian IT world, there is no place for physical invitations (hard copy in our language) for any functions (including marriage). Simply, the people will send a scanned copy of the invitation via bulk e-mail (where To field is of bigger size compared to the attachment). Sometimes, I received some of those as CCs and even BCCs with a hyperlink pointing to an invitation configuring website. The only reason is, we are believing that we don't have time to invite our relatives/ friends/ associates.

Hence I planned my marriage reception invite with a different sense and it is stylish both in the presentation and the content. It is made out of the real (palm) leaves - treated for Gutenberg. It contains citations from ancient Tamil anthology - Kurunthokai, Silapathikaaram and Kambaraamaayanam. Interesting thing is, even the English version of the invite has one from Kurunthokai.

I know that many people would have keep my invite as a treasure. But due to unluck or something else, its hit count is worse. I delivered more than 400 (in person, through post and through other persons) of which hardly less than 40 came (and wished). Everything cannot be made electronic at any instance. There are few exceptions like smile, sex, kiss, motherliness and love which cannot be replaced with anything. We have to spend time to people apart from chasing money. But unfortunately, it is impossible to clap with a single hand.


Kaarthik said…
Hey, really I was glad and surprised to see ur Wedding Invitation in the form of OLAICHUVADI (In ur Orkut Album) with Kambaramayanam & Kurunthogai quotes. Simply so creative!!!

Unfortunately we were not invited with that Invitation.
Kalpz said…
Hello ya,
I really liked ur invite ,I juz came across urs in my search results for olaichuvadi which i thought to have as a theme for an invite...It would be great if you could tell me the shop you oredered the design of your choice.

@ Kalpz

I have printed the cards at Olympic Cards, Opp. Liberty Theatre, Kodambakkam, Chennai.

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