UN has few statistics to share with the world, especially India. 48% of under fives in India are stunted with malnutrition. 40% of all underweight babies in the world are Indian. Three hundred million Indians live on less than $1 a day.

Daniel Toole, UNICEF's regional director for South Asia, says "India have huge numbers of people living in poverty and a doubling of food prices". He may not have jobs other than worrying about Indian poverty. But are we, the pillars of future India from IT highway that much idle? We have a lot of other jobs to do.

We eat at Pizza Hut, Cafe Day or Barista. We wear at Life style, Pantaloons or Globus. We hear at Apple store, Sony world or Landmark. We see at PVR, INOX or Satyam. We shine at Alukkas, GRT or Kazana. We drink at Bike & Barrel, Savera lounge or Provogue. We dance at Pasha, Dublin or Sparks. We walk at Reebok, Adidas or Reliance Foot Wear.

Why not? We have both freedom and money. Jaihind.