With unbrushed teeth and bad breath, today morning, I was shocked (nearly heart-attack) when I read an advertisement in Bangalore Times [a supplementry of Times of India daily's Bengalooru edition] which said "TASMAC opens its branch in London".

It took me more than a dozen of seconds to understand that the specified TASMAC is NOT referring TAmil Nadu State MArketing Corporation Ltd which serves the state's end-user liquor consumption but its the acronym of Training and Advances Studies in MAnagement & Communications Ltd, a business school in India. The above-mentioned advertisement is given by the later for the business programme admissions to their new campus at London.

Atleast, the Google web search gives this business school's page as first result when search word is given as "TASMAC". Thank Larry Page and Sergey Brin! ["Thank God!" cannot be used here as I am an atheist].


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