This is mandatory for all those who thinks negative about teen sex education as the trailing story may even happen to your daughter/ sister in the near future if you don't change your mindset.

The district police of Virudhunagar on last Saturday arrested a 38-year-old HIV positive man from Kottangulam village near Srivilliputhur, based on a complaint that he had raped two teen-age girls and passed on the deadly virus to them.

The wife of the rapist died a year ago after setting herself on fire, after she came to know that her husband was HIV positive which is known to all the villagers. The accused have raped the girls over a period of time until a year ago and he is apparently claiming that the girls were willing partners in the sexual act.

Anyway it still amounts to rape as the victims are minors. But the grey area here is that, if this happened with the willingness of the girls, then it's only due to the lack of sex education which leave them ignorant to have sexual intercourse with a person who is well known HIV positive.

Sex education comprises of teaching about human sexual anatomy, intercourse, reproduction, and other aspects of sexual behavior. Our education system and family set-up missed out to inform its children about sex and create awareness at the adolescence stage itself. Instead, they learn it dangerously incomplete from the masala movies, satellite TV, yellow magazines and www.

"We cannot make it (sex education) a fundamental right" a Supreme Court bench comprising Justice Ruma Pal and Justice A.R.Lakshmanan said, a few years ago, while dealing with a Public Interest Litigation, which had suggested making sex education in school curriculam compulsory to check the rise in child abuse and rape cases.

Every time, you cannot expect judiciary to help. The ball is now in your court. Decide by yourself!


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