"If voted to power in the next assembly polls in Tamil Nadu, the first file that the PMK would sign would be for imposing total prohibition of liquor in the state" said Pattali Makkal Katchi (PMK) founder Dr.S.Ramadoss.

If it's true and practically possible,
I will prefer to vote for PMK in 2011 Tamil Nadu assembly election.


But i dont think just to give vote based on "preelection promises" becoz i can say one example that former TN Chief Minister Ms. Jayalalitha was protesting against liquor in TN at the early stages of her career in politics. But I can remind u all that TASMAC has been opened in the same govt as i mentioned before with right kind of justification.
seetha said…
more than a law if it comes from people's heart na then it'l be nice.. that only works out.. otherwise they'l go near to near by states and they'l drink

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