My close friend cum room-mate is a chain smoker [he needs one mandatory to finish off his morning shit]. Sometimes, he smokes before me and I need to spend atleast 15 minutes everyday in an average with that smoke tornado.

Millions of people like me are there in the world under the similar kind of influence. Exposure to Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS) is the major risk that people who don't smoke facing today.

Passive smoking results in increased risk of cancer [lung and breast] and heart attack. It also causes worsening of breathing, irritation eyes, nose and throat and pregnancy problems. A survey says that nearly 700 million [almost half of the world's children] breathe tobacco polluted air.

It means that smokers are killing their own spouse, children, friends and neighbors slowly but surely. This is one of the main reasons for smoking bans implemented by government in public places. Its now the smokers' duty to implement certain environmental constraints.

It is obvious that smokers die early but atleast they should keep their spouse/ children alive to take care of their funerals. Everything is in place except conscience.


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