Writer Sujatha [Rangarajan],
#10, Justice Sundram Road,
First Floor, Mylapore,
Chennai - 600 004

Dear Sujatha Sir,

How are you? This letter is written with a firm belief that you are reading it from somewhere.

Writing this, I encountered the second memorable sleepless night of my life, yesterday [first one being the night before your arrival to my college].

Our physical relationship is least to list for the fact that We met only once and I saw you rarely three times. But my mental relationship with you started at my age of 14 and in the past 9 years, rarely, my days ended without uttering your name [My close associates whole heartedly knew that this not an exaggeration].

"Kaandhaloor Vasanthakumaran Kadhai" is your first work which I read (in Kumudam). I thought that Sujatha is a woman at that time. And then my passion for your writing gone high to the extent that I have bought and read almost 98% of your books, my bed-room has your photo as wall-hanging and my mobile has your JPEG as screen saver. I became an "Ekalayva" for you and started writing.

I still remember the day, we met which is one of the passionable occasions of my life. I heard only a day before that "writer Sujatha"is coming to my college for the alumni meeting. I went to the Vivekananda Auditorium where the meeting was going to be held an hour before. In blue shirt (as I knew blue is your favourite colour), I was sitting in the first row of the audience. I had a letter in my pocket addressed to you starting with "GODFATHER Sujatha Avargalukku..."

You went to the meeting (i don't remember whether you were on time or a bit late) walking very slowly onto the stage. It made me feeling hard to see you that much older as I didn't met an older Sujatha in your writings. The first question you asked to the audience is "Anybody disagrees if I talk in Tamil? Everybody understands Tamil here. Right?". The crowd applauded and agreed. I think that was the first time in the history of Anna University, the auditorium walls were hearing an alumni speaking in his mother tongue.

You gave a good speech about your life and the you have missed College of Engineering, Guindy because of your father's honesty. After the end of the function, everybody surrounded you to get autograph. I had a goal to give the letter in my hand to you.

When you came down the stage, I approached you and gave you the letter.
"You read this letter after going home and reply me" - I started with a bit shy.
"No. You just wait. I will read it here itself" - You replied.
On first browsing into the letter, He said - "First of all, I want to say that your hand writing is very good"
"Are you interested in entering film industry? Your name resembles film director Sharavana Subbaiyah"
"No. It is my your original name"
He read the letter fully and asked -"You have asking for a friendship. What kind of relation you are expecting?"
"Its just an intellectual companionship of discussing everything" - I replied slowly.
"If that is the case, my doors are always open for you".

You kept my letter in your shirt packet and I was very happy to see my letter nearer to your heart. You gave me your phone number - "Tell that you are Saravanan met at Guindy College while calling so that I can remember"

I never called you. Yamuna (my fiancee) insisted me manier times to contact/ meet you. But I was in a mood to meet you as a recognized writer who can move equally with you and neglected every opportunity I got. But now, even if get recognized, I cannot meet you.

The other 3 occasions where I saw you are:
1.Anna University Computer Science Society Website Launch Function at the same Vivekananda Auditorium.
2.Your book release function arranged by Uyirmai Pathipagam at South Indian Film Chamber building
3.An evening, when you were in walk at Marina beach, I was crossing by bus.

There are few facts of my life which made me feeling intimate to you:
1.The name of my first poem which got selected as "Muththirai Kavidhai" by "Kaviperarasu Vairamuthu" in "Kungumam"
is "ÖRUTHI NINAIKAIYILAE" which is named after your novel.
2.The first Orkut community which I have started is "Writer sujatha"community which is now deep rooted banyan with nearly 2000 members packed with a lot of discussions and a few controversies.
3.There are few tamil movies like "Whistle", "Kandukondaen Kandukondaen", "Kannethirae thondrinaal","Chellamae", "Ullam Ketkumae" which I have watched for no reason other than dialogues written by you.
4.When I was preparing to write my first screenplay, my only target was to get admired in "Kattradhum Pettradhum".
5.I am planning to watch "Dhasaavathaaram" as a first film after marriage for that you have penned dialogues is also a reason.
6.My weekly magazine (Kumudam, Anandha Vikatan or Kungumam) purchase was decided based on which magazine you were writing.
7.On seeing your versatility, I use to say "Sujatha is the master of all trades and jack of none" and "There is no field which Sujatha left untouched; if he didn't touched, then its not a field"
8.Whenever and wherever, If I list my favourite writers, the 2nd and the preceding ranks are variables but the 1st rank is always constant and its none other than you.
9.Though, I am contradicting with you in manier things/ stands, the ulimate impression I am having is you are a genius.
10.Frankly speaking, sometimes, I envied on Desikan's close association with you which can be flawlessly compared to a girl's possesiveness on her boy friend. You are the only male, I loved in this universe. All my writings are intellectual masturbation of yours.

Yesterday, I googled "Writer Sujatha's address" to send you my wedding reception invite. I got it. But today, you have changed your residence.

Inpite of being an atheist, I pray, let your new address be the "Sri Vaikunta" with your favourite "Sri Ranganathar". Also you have a permanant address of the hearts of all the Tamil readers and I am very proud to have one of such million hearts within me.

Your expiry created a vacancy in my life which nobody can fill till my expiry.
Sujatha, I miss you infinitely and I am fearing death for the first time.

Yours lovingly,
Saravanakarthikeyan C.,
27-February-2008 11:59 PM IST.


Unknown said…
Tamizh ulagirku ithu oru paer ilapu endru ellorukum theriyum. aanal unaku ivalavu paeriya ilapaga irukum endru ippothu purinthathu. jeeranithukol...
devyani said…
Well written really yours feelings touched the heart and speak volumes of your sincerity.Keep up the good work.
வாத்தியாரை மிஸ் செய்யும் கோடானு கோடியரில் நானும் ஒருவன்.
அவருடய இன்னொரு ஏகலைவன்
கேபிள் சங்கர்

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