1. Nayagan
2. Kuruthipunal
3. Hey Ram
4. Indian
5. Thalapathy
6. Roja
7. Dhevar Magan
8. Virumaandi
9. Kannathil Muthamittal


Anonymous said…
You clearly shown that you are a big fan of kamalhaasan.

Is this title " TOP 10 FILMS EVER"
correct? .

How can u say that these are going to be a top films ever.

just a thought..
Anonymous said…
I am not sure abt the 2nd ques being asked.....

but.. for 1st:
all the films listed r not kamalhaasan's films..
roja, thalapathy, houseful, kannathil muthamittaal..

even others - r not his films..
they r films from maniratnam, shankar...

obviously, a good director + good actor => success

but m sure.. her r no films better than nayagan..
also, kuruthipunal n houseful ll also be in t list..

ps: dono y ppl is accepting the film ratings only if given by film fares/ oscars/ so n so..

cant explain more in this comment part!!!

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