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PART V - CHAPTER I of Vatsyayana's "KAMA SUTRA" says that the following are the women who are easily gained over:
  1. Women who stand at the doors of their houses.
  2. Women who are always looking out on the street.
  3. Women who sit conversing in their neighbour's house.
  4. A woman who is always staring at you.
  5. A female messenger.
  6. A woman who looks sideways at you.
  7. A woman whose husband has taken another wife without any just cause.
  8. A woman who hates her husband or is hated by him.
  9. A woman who has nobody to look after her, or keep her in check.
  10. A woman who has not had any children.
  11. A woman whose family or caste is not well known.
  12. A woman whose children are dead.
  13. A woman who is very fond of society.
  14. A woman who is apparently very affectionate with her husband.
  15. The wife of an actor.
  16. A widow.
  17. A poor woman.
  18. A woman fond of enjoyments.
  19. The wife of a man with many younger brothers.
  20. A vain woman.
  21. A woman whose husband is inferior to her in rank or abilities.
  22. A woman who is proud of her skill in the arts.
  23. A woman disturbed in mind by the folly of her husband.
  24. A woman who has been married in her infancy to a rich man, and not liking him.
  25. A woman who is slighted by her husband without any cause.
  26. A woman who is not respected by other women of the same rank or beauty as herself.
  27. A woman whose husband is devoted to traveling.
  28. The wife of a jeweller.
  29. A jealous woman.
  30. A covetous woman.
  31. An immoral woman.
  32. A barren woman.
  33. A lazy woman.
  34. A cowardly woman.
  35. A humpbacked woman.
  36. A dwarfish woman.
  37. A deformed woman.
  38. A vulgar woman.
  39. An ill-smelling woman.
  40. A sick woman.
  41. An old woman.
It seems that I missed a lot of opportunities.


eniasang said…
fine. u want this to appear in ur blog so that u are enlightening men about women in the name of vatsayana. i dont want to appreciate this . well u may not accept my opinion. it was just afew minites ago i was very happy to get to know ur blog . im sorry.

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