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Baahubali's warcraft & Amazon's leadership principles

Films delivering management principles or corporate lessons or business strategies is NOT a completely new thing. Lot of books and articles are written worldwide. Rajini's Punchtantra is one local example. I am much impressed by SS Rajamouli's recent magnum opus movie Baahubali: The Beginning due to it's creative visuals and state of the art film making in spite of a very usual story line and screenplay.   Amazon as a company has a unique set of 14 leadership principles which every employee is expected to practice in their DNAs. To my surprise, I noticed most of these principles are exhibited by the prince Amarendra Baahubali (performed by Prabhas) in the battle field between Maghizhmadhi and Kalakeyas. *** Spoiler Alert *** 1. Customer Obsession To the prince Baahubali, the citizens of his nation Maghizhmadhi are the customers. It is announced that among the two princes who kills the opponent Kalakeyas' chief in the war will became the next king. But

ச்சீய்... (மின்னூல்)

வாசிக்க‌ / தரவிறக்க: ஆப்பிள், ஆன்ட்ராய்ட், கிண்டில், நூக் கருவிகளில் வாசிக்க இங்கே செல்லவும்.