A Spanish Naval captain was walking leisurely on his battleship when a
subordinate rushes over to him and says "Sir, an enemy battleship is fast
approaching us. We should be ready".

The captain replies coolly "Go. Get my Red shirt." The subordinate rushes
over and gets the Shirt for his captain. The captain wears the red shirt.

After some time, the enemy battleship comes in range. Consequently heavy
rounds of fire are exchanged between the two battleships. After much
effort, the Spanish win.

The subordinate approaches his boss, "Congratulations for the victory sir,
but why did you require the red shirt in the first place?"

The captain replies "Because, during the war if I got injured then my blood
should not have been seen as I did not want my men to lose hope and to
fight with the same ferocity."

Just then another subordinate rushes over. "Sir, we just spotted another 20
enemy battleships heading in our direction."

The captain replies coolly "Go. Get my yellow trousers.


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