"Attention Tamil Directors and Producers! If this movie is remade in Tamil, I prefer Rajkiran and Nasser to play the lead roles done by Naseeruddin Shah and Anupam Kher respectively. Also, I suggest Ramji and Yuvan to take care of Cinematography and Background Score respectively and I am ready to write the dialogues."

- THE GOOD WEDNESDAY (writerCSK's review on the film "A Wednesday")

It seems that Kamal Haasan got the remake rights of the movie "A Wednesday" and going to do it in Tamil with himself and Mamootty in lead roles. No issues. That's perfectly OK.

But, who is going to write the dialogues?


Kaarthik said…
I prefer Nasser to do Naseer's role and Prakash Raj to play Anupam's role.
Kaarthik said…
U r gonna write dialogues for my film

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