A Wednesday is a heroic movie with no usual heroism incorporated in it. It starts from the frustration of a 'Stupid Common Man', expresses the self-worth of the middle class, criticizes the sluggishness of 'the system' and uses the core-intelligence as weapon to treat the violence of extremism. I watched it on a Wednesday.

The movie tells the story of events that unfold between 2 pm and 6 pm on a particular Wednesday, which do not exist in any record but deeply affects the lives of those involved. It can better be termed as a cat-and-mouse game turned into an entertaining thriller. Doubtlessly, it wins in the race which it aimed at.

On a Wednesday, an anonymous (Naseeruddin Shah) calls Prakash Rathod, Commissioner, Mumbai City (Anupam Kher) demanding the release of four terrorists in lieu of information on bombs that the he had planted in various parts of the city. Naina Roy (Deepal Shaw), a TV news reporter also gets call for a hot news waiting.

The anonymous, with a lap top, a portable TV, few mobiles & SIM cards from an isolated under-construction building, manages to keep police and media under his toes. Prakash find that Naina is his "bloody-eyes" and picturise his facial identity. As he used hacking techniques, the police is unable to locate him.

Police gets a young computer hacker to track him. Prakash, after discussing with CM, agrees to his demand and puts Arif Khan (Jimmy Shergill) and Jai Singh (Amir Bashir) to hand over the terrorists to him at the Juhu Aviation Base. The anonymous blown up explosives killing three of them makes the police to kill the fourth man too.

The anonymous reveals that he is "a stupid common man" who was sick of living in terror. The hacker trace him but he and the police are moved by the common man's motive. Prakash goes alone and find him coming out of the building. But he spares the common man and destroy all records of the episode as per CM's order.

Neeraj Pandey's screenplay is very impressive that it never loses the pace throughout. The dialogues (in English) are also good and short. The 100+ minutes length movie don't have any song sequence in it which prevented the screenplay from getting diluted or diverted. I welcome this debutant director-cum-writer with a red carpet.

The Cinematography - Background Score - Editing trio done respectively by Fuwad Khan - Sanjoy Chowdhury - Shree Narayan Singh perfectly satisfies the need of the screenplay i.e., works on the subconcious of the audience. Another important item in the movie is casting - the actors justifies their seclection to the respective characters.

The perfect blend of acting by Naseeruddin Shah and Anupam Kher makes the movie lively and the performance of the co-actors Jimmy Shergill and Amir Bashir adds spice. Deepal Shaw, with explicit facial touch-up is much attractive and fits the character well. The young boy coming as a college drop-out cum computer hacker also did a good job.

Overall, the movie is interesting to watch yet stands different from the rest of terrorism centric movies of Bollywood. Gaurav Malani of 'The Economic Times' commented "Don't get deceived by its unpretentious title. This one is strongly recommended!" about this movie. Without any change, I am repeating the same words.

Attention Tamil Directors and Producers! If this movie is remade in Tamil, I prefer Rajkiran and Nasser to play the lead roles done by Naseeruddin Shah and Anupam Kher respectively. Also, I suggest Ramji and Yuvan to take care of Cinematography and Background Score respectively and I am ready to write the dialogues.


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