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OK. Coming back to the point. I always had a doubt - regarding the woman jeans pants (No. This is different!). We, the boys have different jeans pants parametrised with varying waist sizes in inches like 28, 30, 32, etc. Absolutely, there is no wonder in it. But how could it be as simple as that for girls too?

(I am hearing the voices "You too have the same doubt?" from my male audience. Yes. Boss! The question is scratching my head, right from my teen-age and when I get the answer, a couple of months back, I am in the position to share the knowledge base with millions of innocent male population like me.)

The waist-to-hip ratio (WHR) complicates the female morphology such that her trousers cannot be chosen just with waist size alone. “No matter how slim the Indian woman is, she will always be a little heavy on the hips compared to her Western counterpart” says Kanwalpreet Walia, Marketing Manager, Jealous 21.

Most of us get into a bigger waist just so the hip size fits and then we get the waist size altered” she adds. To resolve this and give a perfect fit, Jealous 21 offers three different hip types for every waist size - Hottie (8 inches difference between waist and hip), Hourglass (10 inches) and Bootilicious (11 inches).

Jealous 21 is the only brand in India which addresses this important socio-economic issue (?!) with the lateral thinking of their R&D department. Girls! Next time, when you slip into a pair of jeans and look into the mirror to see how it looks from behind, you will be perfectly satisfied. A few guys nearby too.

PS: Thanks! For making the above Warning true.


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அறிவு சுடரே!...

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