Sarah Carmen, female, age 24, an ordinary citizen of The United Kingdom is a beautician working in salons. How she is different then to the level of writing a blog post? Of course, she is peculiar - suffering from persistent sexual arousal syndrome (PSAS). There were times when she is having about 200 orgasms in a solar day. Incredible!

Wikipedia says PSAS is "a spontaneous and persistent genital arousal, with or without orgasm or genital engorgement, unrelated to any feelings of sexual desire". Such a physical arousal is very intense and persist for extended periods - hours, days or even weeks. Orgasm can sometimes provide temporary relief, but within hours the symptoms return.

Sarah was prescribed with anti-depressants at the age of 19 and she believes her condition was brought on by those pills. The rumble of a train on the tracks, the purr of a hairdryer, the rhythmic drone of a photo-copier, the ride in an automobile, the vibrations from mobile phones and even going to the toilet are all enough to make her aroused. How it happened to her, first time?

She says "Within a few weeks, I just began to get more and more aroused, more and more of the time and I just kept having endless orgasms. It started off in bed where sex sessions would last for hours and my boyfriend would be stunned at how many times I would orgasm. Then it would happen after sex. I'd be thinking about what we'd done in bed and I'd start feeling a bit flushed, then I'd become aroused and climax. In six months I was having 150 orgasms a day—and it has been as many as 200."

Though there are no enough whereabouts to definitely pinpoint a cause, researchers think that an irregularity in sensory nerves increases the blood flow to sex organs leading to such abnormal arousals. Another theory is infection in the pelvic area is stimulating clitoral nerves causing the powerful and rhythmic muscular contractions leading to orgasms.

Another view is it is simply a psychological symptom of some emotional crisis — a broken heart expressing itself as genital sensitivity. Either way, a woman with PSAS can be in mental and physical pain and really needs sympathetic medical help and humane backdrop. What about Sarah Carmen? How is her life going? Her family thinks her behaviour is sometimes odd.

She speaks "Sometimes I have so much sex to try to calm myself down. And men I sleep with don't seem to make as much effort because I climax so easily. Often, I'll want to wear myself out by having as many orgasms as I can so they stop and I can get some peace". She and her boyfriend split and new partners struggle to keep up with her sex demands.

Matthew Acton, in a leading UK magazine "News of the World" (issue dated November 4, 2007) mentions Sarah had 5 orgasms during a 40-minute interview ("Sorry, you'll have to excuse me for a minute. I'll be with you in a sec"). According to an internet poll about Sarah’s situation, 69% think that she is a lucky girl. Even her friends think it's great (as most of them will probably have one in a year whereas Sarah has one every ten minutes).

Sarah says "But it's also nice to have so much excitement every day! It's strange because it came from nowhere and I guess it could go away just as quickly, so I'm making the most of it while it lasts!" and finished with an empty sigh "Sometimes I'd like to just have a normal life." Ever coin has the other side. Pity on this Pretty!


lilly said…
Some bogus syndrome ! I shouldn't be saying this as I intend to be a psychiatrist some day ! Isn't there a refractory period before the genital area can become sensitive again ? Something psychosomatic I guess. My sympathies with you Carmen.
Anything in excess is definitely harmful.

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