PLEASE UNDERSTAND offers a free personality test having 41 questions addressing four pairs of preferences - Extroverted / Introverted, Sensing / Intuitive, Thinking / Feeling and Judging / Perceiving. The site claims that the test is based on Myers-Briggs/Jung Typology which classifies every human individual under one of the 16 possible psychological types.

Though there exists criticism on validity and reliability of this Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) assessment, still it is frequently used in the areas of pedagogy, group dynamics, career counseling, marriage counseling and employee compensation for more than half a century throughout the world.

The 41Q test says that SarKar is ISTJ (one of the 16 types), which constitutes 11.6% of total US population including 3 US presidents - George Washington, Andrew Johnson, George H.W.Bush. Even fictional characters are also analysed for MBTI - Eeyore (Winnie-the-Pooh) and Puddleglum (Chronicles of Narnia) are declared as ISTJ.

The resulting description about SarKar by 41Q goes like this - "Serious and quiet, interested in security and peaceful living. Extremely thorough, responsible and dependable. Well-developed powers of concentration. Usually interested in supporting and promoting traditions and establishments. Well-organized and hard working, they work steadily towards identified goals. They can usually accomplish any task once they have set their mind to it."

What about you?


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