Its NOT casual or usual for me to watch a Hindi movie (that too in theatres) and one can finger count those which I had seen (Fire, Dil Se, Satya, Lagaan, Asoka, Mathrubhoomi, Swadesh, Samay, Dhoom, Black, Water, Shiva 2006, Guru and Taare Zameen Par are few names to remember).

But after few hours of diffusing a bomb at Forum, Bangalore, I watched a Hindi movie in PVR Classic Cinemas at the same mall. Out of my friend's compulsion, I risked my life before Muslim terrorism and Hindi filmography. Fortunately, I escaped from both.

Its Kunal Kohli's "Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic". This particular post is NOT about the happening screenplay and splendid performances of Saif Ali Khan and Rani Mukerji (which made the movie worth watching throughout) but on the little girl Shriya Sharma who played as Aditi.

I am watching her for nearly 2 years in the advertisements - Sunfeast (with SRK), Whirlpool (with Ajay Devgan & Kojal), Chennai Silks, Pears, Gokul Sandal etc. Keeping her expressions and body language as POC, I projected the grooming little model as a potential child artist (and a better heroine too in future).

Though the Tamil movie "Sillunu Oru Kadhal" had Shriya acted as the daughter of Surya and Jyotika, the film didn't have much scope for her to express and I was eagerly waiting for her to get such a big platform to come out of the advertisement performance.

"Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic" is one of such kind. Did she? The answer is a big disappointment. She didn't make up through what she was expected to do. In fact, hers is the worst among the four kids (Akshat Chopra, Rachit Sidana and Ayushi Berman are the other three) acted in the same "platform".

She is struggling in many scenes without knowing what to do before the camera. She is unable to balance the acting part with her expanding eyes, captivating smile or any clownish actions of that kind. She need to better herself in many aspects in the context of acting.

But this is just a start of her career - she is just 11 years old. She has both time and opportunities in hand to play with. If Shriya or any of her mentors happen to read this post, I request the respective to take my words as a diamond cutting another diamond for getting perfect shape.

Let me wait for my lovable little angel.


Anonymous said…
She is not that bad as you feel.. i guess..
Expectation leads to worries as my HOD, CSE, KEC used to say many times..
She might not ve met your expectations but still, she is good.. she ll be better as i feel..
magibaby said…
i am most attracted by the little angel...if i saw her in ad or film i cant move from ther...i lik u vry much little angel.i am a fan 4 u

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