Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is an official foreign intelligence body of USA for collecting and analyzing information about foreign governments, corporations, and persons in order to advise government in policy-making. We have seen many Hollywood movies in which hero is a CIA agent doing some actions to save the world (USA is world; world is USA) from the villains of some communist nations (Remember Kamal Haasan playing the ex-CIA agent Christian Fletcher in Dasaavathaaram).

The above is the political map of our beloved nation, "Republic of India" as on 15 July 2008, published in the THE WORLD FACT BOOK, a major portal of CIA's official website. Have a look on the boundary of India at Jammu & Kashmir (you may protest that this is NOT India if you are a school-going kid as this one differs a lot from what you had seen in your text-books).

Nearly half of the state area, officially coming under India as per the clumsy Radcliffe Line, finalised on 1947 is shown as Pakistan province without any specific legend when the boundary is still in conflict. But the site says "The dispute between the countries (India and Pakistan) over the state of Kashmir is ongoing, but discussions and confidence-building measures have led to decreased tensions since 2002".

Actually, Eastern part of Kashmir, Aksai Chin is under the control of China and the "Line of Actual Control" and "Indian Claim" are clearly mentioned in the map as China is after all a communist nation. US is always there to safe-guard India, if the threat is communist China. On the other hand, there is no issues for CIA in granting the Northern Areas of Kashmir and Azad Kashmir (also called as POK - Pakistan Occupied Kashmir) completely to Pakistan's geography.

This is more panic than cross-border terrorism. US is worse than Pakistan and China in deteriorating the development of India. When we are busy in signing 123 agreement with International Atomic Energy Agency (truely with USA), our future generations are preparing to memorise at least 4 political maps for India for their academics - the RAW version, the ISI version, the MSS version and the CIA version.

Then, what about the real India? Who cares?


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