A week before, a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) was filed by advocate Surat Singh at Supreme Court which said "The irresponsible coverage by media on recent investigation of Aarushi murder case had a serious breach of fundamental rights of a person hooked to it. Bulk of the news were not only baseless but amounted to serious invasion of the privacy of an individual and his family".

During the nascent stage of investigation, without any evidence and examination there were a lot of stories floating : "Talwar had affair, daughter Aarushi knew it but didn't approve their illicit relationship", "Aarushi had affair with servant Hemraj, father Talwar caught them in an ‘objectionable but not compromising position’ and murdered both of them", and a lot more cruel hot-cakes.

Singh asked "Can freedom of press a licence to malign the character of a dead person? Does our Constitution not guarantee the right to privacy even to the dead". After 49 days imprisonment of Dr.Rajesh Talwar, today, his family, friends and himself were facing serious allegations and embarrassing uncomfortableness in their personal and official lives of daily routine.

Compounder Krishna and his friends just made a failure attempt to rape Aarushi but media did it successfully. In reply to the petition, a Supreme court Bench comprising Justices Altamas Kabir and Markandey Katju said, "The print and electronic media should exercise caution in publishing any news regarding the case which may prejudice the case or damage reputations".

Third Estate says "innocent till proven guilty";
Fourth Estate says "guilty till proven innocent";
I am staying "somewhere in between".


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