Here is the news of the youngest millionaires in the globe - a boy, Knox Leon and a girl, Vivienne Marcheline whose age is NOT more than a solar day. The twins were given birth by Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie at the age of 33, yesterday at Foundation Lenval hospital in France, as the result of her domestic commitment with Brad Pitt.

It is reported by some paparazzi that a US magazine already offered around $20m (nearly 85 core rupees, in Indian value) for the picture of the twin babies. People, everywhere in the world, are very much curious about the personal life of their favourite celebrities, particularly if they get married or divorced or give birth to baby (Remember the recent examples : Vijay-Sangeetha, Danush-Aishwarya, Surya-Jothika and Ajit-Shalini).

The news also says that the money earned by the twins is expected to go directly to charity. It is actually exploiting the weakness of human mind, after all for a good cause. Think of such an event in India.


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