A day of 24 hours before Bangalore serial blasts, i.e., on 24-July-2008, a bomb blasted on a footpath at Channapatna (a town located in Bangalore-Mysore highway) with a loud noise. Channapatna police assumed that it was the remains of some quarry gelatin. The police realized that they were wrong only after the mishaps in Bangalore and Ahmedabad.

DG & IGP Sri Kumar, after investigation, said "The Bangalore and Channapatna blasts had similarities - Ammonium Nitrate based explosives were used in both the cases and the detonators used were also similar. We think it was manufactured in a nearby place. After testing at Channapattana, they must have brought it to Bangalore".

If he is right, the incident proves 2 things about the terrorists involved:
1.Over-Confidence : Doing a test before the real execution without any fear of getting caught.
2.Professionalism : Testing as a part of Bomb Development Life Cycle (BDLC - Just as SDLC).


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