Former Indian cricket captain Rahul Dravid said "There is a limited amount of time. Twenty20 cricket is popular now so something has to give. The number of one-day games might get reduced. I hope they don't reduce Test matches, too", when asked about Twenty20 cricket.

Yes. He is absolutely right. T20 matches will upstage ODIs just as ODIs did with test matches before. This is quite natural and normal as people are running out of time. In 1980s, people are impatient with 5 days match and started engaged with one-dayers. Now its further reduced to 5 hours - in future, may be, even, less than that.

Changes are inevitable. Its actually representing Darwin's theory of "survival of the fittest". In fact, Cricket is surviving just by changing its duration (and not form or style) which is actually a good sign. But this can be dealt in a different aspect - an optimist's view on darkness.

Cricket was played as retrospective game in 1900 summer Olympics but ignored in the consecutive years by the committe as one has to wait patiently for 5-days to know the result of the game and hence people were very much bored bored with it.

Now, T20 can bring a change. In near future (or at least in far future), T20 cricket may be included in Olympics and eventually India will get its one and only chance of winning a gold medal.


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