Right from our childhood, we were fascinated by the stories of heroism (in various forms - movies, comics, novels, plays). Even, some of you might noticed that the major plot of those stories got evolved when a female character is trapped in a serious problem. It may be hero's mother, killed by robbers or hero's sister, undergone a gang-bang or the heroine, kidnapped by terrorists.

There is a site WiR ( which lists the female characters in comics who were killed, raped, depowered, crippled, turned evil, maimed, tortured, contracted a disease or had other life-derailing tragedies. WiR is an acronym to "Women in Refrigerators", coined by American comic writer Gail Simone with a foreword "it's not that healthy to be a female character in comics".

The basic idea is the story tellers are mainly males and the hearing females are pretty much happier about the heroism portrayed. Nothing to worry. Women got trapped and saved by men can be seen only in fiction. Life writes the vice-versa.


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