Does GOD exist? This is a Billion dollar query unanswered properly (or answered improperly) from the beginning of human history. As I am very much allergic to the spiritual/ religious views, let me see what my beloved/ esteemed brainies' stand on this.

Most of the big scientists and philosophers of the world history (including Albert Einstein) nearly, believed the existence of God. But their theism emerged out of atheism. Means, their God is confined to the unexplained gaps in scientific explanations of nature - "The God of the gaps". The most famous/ frequent example is gap in "The origin of species".

I am taking a different stand in this regard but based on the same logical fallacy of their argument. Theirs is "It's True as it has not been proven false". But mine is "It's false as it has not been proven true". Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a German pastor & theologian once said - "We are to find God in what we know, not in what we don't know".

Let me wait for the Science to fill the gaps.


venkatesh said…
How do you what "true" and whats "false"

We will never know what *are* those gaps. As we discover more we know about what *were* the gaps. So you wait will never end. Your point of view is about how to look back where as these beliefs are about how to look ahead.

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