If you are with www, better fold your tail (or whatever) strictly as its very tough to play hide&seek with technology. Everything (except your moles and scars) is actually exposed to the internet. Exit from the superstitious terms called privacy or secrecy as you can be get screwed up at any instance by hacking or ethical of its kind.

A 22-year-old IT professional from Gurgaon, has been arrested and charged under Section 292 of the IPC and Section 67 of the IT Act, 2000 by the cyber crime cell for posting obscene content about Congress Chief Sonia Gandhi on Google's social networking Web site Orkut. Google India Inc., helped police (with IP address and User ID details) to get hold of him with a justification "Though committed to protect user privacy, the company complies with local laws".

Assume, "somebody" is watching and censor yours by yourself. That "somebody" is called TECHNOLOGY.


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