Flatulence [to be short and sweet (?) - Fart] in public is regarded as embarrassing and repulsive in every human society throughout the world. Most often, people tend to conceal its noise and smell when somebody is around. History speaks a lot of celebrities as victims of fart - Adolf Hitler and Marilyn Monroe being worst hit.

There are lot of truths/ myths in air about fart such as "stinky farts are warmer and quieter than regular farts", "movie stars never fart", "men fart more than women", "excessive farting cause impotence", "women fart out of vagina too", "people enjoy smelling their own farts", "others smell a fart better than the farter", "farts follow the farter", "farting increases global warming" etc.

Even Tamil films which are dare to talk about all other non-sense things keep mum about this for a long span of time. Few films like Pithamagan [Dialogues: Bala], Aaitha Ezhuthu [Dialogues: Sujatha] and Oram Po [Dialogues: Pushkar - Gayathri] have touched this genre in the recent past. A Tamil short story collection - "Peekkathaikal" [Stories of Shit] written by Perumalmurugan which is even more open and good.

There is a portal ( which answers some interesting questions on fart. The following are my favourites:
  1. Can farting be considered sexy?
  2. What is the best position for farting?
  3. Do men's farts smell worse than women's farts?
  4. Is it possible to light a match with a fart?
  5. Is it possible for a fart to rip your underwear?
  6. Is it possible to inhale (suck in air) via one's anal opening?
  7. Why is it that when you scratch your ass through your fingers stink?
  8. Is it possible to capture a fart in a jar and save it for later use?
  9. If you fart in the bathtub, is the water polluted and should you refill the tub?
  10. If you were in space without a suit, would a fart have the energy to propel you forward?
Will you block your nose with hand-kerchief, THE NEXT TIME?


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