I heard from some of my (continuous) readers that anti-female stuff is spilled over my blog (Interestingly, most of them are males). And my answer is neither "Yes" nor "No"; its somewhere in between.

The very first reason is I am a male, definitely. So knowingly or unknowingly my thoughts are male-biased to some extent which is beyond my control. The anti-gender thoughts are, basically from gene. To be clear, even every female has a degree of anti-male thoughts; whereas the degree varies.

Also, I wrote those things based on my experience with females around me (wife, mother, grand-mother, sisters, mother-in-law, grand-mother-in-laws, sister-in-laws, aunties, cousins, niece, girl-friends, friend-girls, colleagues, neighbors, co-passengers, celebrities, unknowns etc).

Even, there are chances of erroneous reception in some / all cases of my experience. But still as I feel like that, there lies a justification for my expressions. Also, I didn't gave any universal judgments in my writings. They are only based on my perception, purest to the core (something are, in fact, the day's impact).

Moreover, I cannot censor my thoughts, unreasonably. My Infoscion friend says "There are many ways to flirt girls; anti-female expressions is your recent one." My answer is a smile.


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