My friend is an easy going guy resulted from the fact that he is an eligible bachelor. Interestingly, he is not behind the girls (Always a step ahead of them to get noticed).

He used to go for a walk/ jog ALONE every morning in the beach.
On a day of fortune,
(“for whom?” is a $ billion query), a girl crossing her teens (possibly a spinster) came in opposite and smiled at him.
He reciprocated.
She smiled.

The second day, she came parallel to him.
“Shall I jog with u?”
He agreed.
She smiled.

The third day,
“What about you?”
He replied.
She smiled.

The fourth day,
“What about your parents?”

He answered.
She smiled.

The fifth day,
“What about your family?”
He explained.

She smiled.

The sixth day,
“What about your marriage?”
Now, he decided to impress her.
“It will be Love & Arranged Marriage.”
“Oh! Nice.”
“Yaah..! Love a girl and marry another girl”
She didn’t smile.

The seventh day,
She didn’t come for walk.
He smiled.

When my friend told this to me, I guessed that she might be “a girl” in the past and feared to become “another girl” in future.
This is every girl’s paradox at present.


@Ganshere said…
".........a girl crossing her teens (possibly a spinster)....."

spinster - An elderly unmarried woman - obviously not a teen ager; we can say she is in her late 20s or more than that
@Love Kills
yes. you are right. it should be bachelorette and not spinster.

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