By the end of 2007, Fastrack, India’s leading youth fashion brand of Titan group, launched a new series of watches - NO HANDS. The watches, officially termed as NEON DISC, is analog model having the usual Neon Electro-Luminescence (EL) but without hands. Instead, two concentric aluminum discs, representing the hour and the minute, show the time with the help of markers cut out on the discs.

The watch attracted me a lot at that time both because of its concept and look. There was an advertisement for this series of watches flashed in television channels which is also very much tempting but for a different reason (One should be careful on watching this as the centre of attraction in the adv. is, of course, NOT the HANDS and after all, it is aimed at promoting NO HANDS).

Thanks to my beloved wife who gifted me, with a Fastrack Neon Disc Watch Model - 1443SM01, last mid-night, on the occasion of my birthday. It seems that she don't care about advertisements!


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