Girls are paradoxical. It's very much difficult to translate her words of mouth to heart. More harder if she is in bed. It's easier to talk with a child about sex rather the a matured female. To a girl, sex is moreover an appetite inside head and hence every girl needs to be wooed before any below-the-belt actions.

It's very common globally that a girl often gets head-ache when she is signaled by her boy-friend which makes him think "Is she not in mood? But why?". Dr.Yvonne K. Fulbright, an Icelandic-American sexologist and founder of Sexuality Source Inc., answers with top 15 reasons - Why she says "No"?
  1. She feels fat.
  2. She feels gassy.
  3. She has her period.
  4. She's wearing grandma underwear.
  5. She has a yeast infection.
  6. She's sweaty or unclean.
  7. Neither of you brought a condom.
  8. Her parents – or yours – are too close for comfort.
  9. Her nether region feels dry.
  10. She's tired.
  11. She's already taken care of business.
  12. She's ticked off at you.
  13. She's grossed out by your lack of hygiene.
  14. She's waiting for her wedding day.
  15. She's pregnant and feels guilty for it.
The reliability of these very common & very human reasons must be considered as high mainly because Yvonne is a female (in the snapshot) and she uses first person narration ("We love knowing that we are desired") in her articles. Also everybody reading this - if you are a male, you would have felt with your girl and if you are a female, you would have hid from your man - at least 10 of the above-said reasons.

Sex is not a game where you have hard and fast rules to follow. Instead it's a war where you you have rules but no need to follow.


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